Pool Interiors



At Boomerang Pools we offer a pool finish for any budget or taste. The pool finish you select should compliment the surrounding pool area and the materials used. Other structures and surrounding features should be considered; we will take the time to discuss this with you during the planning stage.


Pebble / Glass Bead


Pebble are mixed with concrete and applied over the pool structure, which is then washed with a
pressure blaster to expose the pebbles and left to set. This finish is very popular and durable.




For a premium pool finish, tiles are the material of choice and more expensive than other finishes. Giving a luxuriously smooth, long lasting, and easy to maintain surface. Selecting the correct tiles for the pool will produce a pool of stunning beauty or even an injection of unique flavour.  At Boomerang Pools we use ceramic and glass tiles. Glass tiles will produce a very luxurious and exotic finish.

Keep in mind that tiles aren’t the best option for every pool style.
Water line tiles are another option if a fully tiled pool is not within your budget, or does not suit the style of your pool. Water line tiles vary in width depending on the size of the pool and personal taste, normally between 150mm and 300mm.