At Boomerang Pools mosaics are a specialty as all our mosaics are made in-house. Very few pool companies offer such a service. We have experience and confidence in designing and laying mosaics, whatever the design. We can add mosaics to the pool floor, the sides, on waterfall features, in steps, pool surround or anywhere you like.

A beautiful mosaic will add that special personal touch to your pool. There are no limits as to what can be designed. Many of our clients have presented us with their own designs. A sketch is all we require. From there we can integrate the sketch into the overall pool design. Keep in mind that mosaics are a lot bigger out of the water than when they are on the pool floor; the size can be quite deceptive. And certain places, like on walls in the deepest part of the pool may not be easy to see unless in the water with goggles.


Here are a few of our custom designs.....