Pool Safety Fencing





At Boomerang Pools all our Aluminium Fences, gates and latches are certified and pass all current pool safety regulations. The tubular panels are protected by powder coating. There is a powder coating colour to suit your pool environment. Boomerang Pools can assist in selecting a colour to match or compliment your home, the pool finish, pavers and any other features within the pool environment.

We install the safety pool fences ourselves; fit the gates and locking mechanisms.







Clear safety glass fences are becoming very popular, whether it be to keep a smaller area looking more spacious, or just due to its stunning look. Glass fencing has become more affordable in recent years. But is still a more expensive option than aluminium.

There are 2 types of glass fencing; regular and post less, also known as frameless. The regular still has normal posts at either end of each panel of glass and is the cheaper of the two options, but still gives a seamless look to the fence. The post less variety stands freely in large stainless steel feet underneath the glass sheet, for an even, more open look.



Safety Considerations

Pool safety goes beyond restricting children from entering the pool area

  • The pool surround area should be as non-slip as possible.
  • Ensure the deep part of the pool is clearly marked.
  • Steps with a seat area will create a shallow area for toddlers.
  • Hand rails will enable disabled or elderly people to enjoy the pool with safety.
  • Will you be able to view the entire pool area from your kitchen or other often used room of the home so you can supervise children?
  • A convenient storage area to store safety equipment like toddler floats and other pool toys is a good idea. Items lying around can be hazardous.
  • First aid and resuscitation information MUST be easily visible, it must be an approved weather proof item and fixed to a wall or fence in the pool area

                                                                                      Does your pool fence comply?